A mama (also mommy, mom by older siblings) is a mother. There are three basic types of mamas:

  1. Nice mamas. This is the most common type of mama. They are usually kind and caring to the baby's needs. They may try not to spoil the babies.
  2. Mean mamas. These are not common or uncommon; in between. They usually abuse babies. Sometimes, they are just mean and don't care about the kids at all.
  3. Rich mamas. These are pretty uncommon. They usually spoil their babies. They cancan be nice or mean. They are usually pretty nice.

Mamas are usually wolves or arctic wolves, and sometimes snow leopards. They usually wear a pretty outfit. Mean mamas usually act kind in the Pillow Room/Medical Center but after a while, start to be mean. Mamas are almost always nice in the Pillow Room or Medical Center.